Image of Kaydee.


Alpha Kaydee is a character in Yasmin Down/Gashu-Monsata's web comic, Lukunsky Grove. She was designed by Chickichikiboomboom of during the January character design competiton. She was the winning design, along with Alpha Cobalt.


Kaydee is the Alpha female of the pack. She is mated to Cobalt, and acts as his softer, more compassionate side.

Kaydee stands for "mother", and she is true to her name. She takes great care in ensuring the emotional stability or her pack.

She is very skinny and has a lack of warm fur, due to being half Grey Wolf , half Greyhound . Because of this, she spends most of her time in the cave, and others must come to her for aid. Her Greyhound blood easily makes her the fastest runner in the pack however, making her a swift hunter. She doesn't often hunt, but when she does, she rarely misses a catch. In her early years, she used to train younger pack members to hunt.

It is not yet known where Kaydee originally came from, but she was presumably from

Lukunsky grove alpha comp by chickichikiboomboom-d374w9e

The original winning design of Kaydee, by Chikichikiboomboom of

a farm that crossbred dogs.

Not much else is yet known about Alpha Kaydee.


As of yet, Kaydee's only known family members are her mate, Alpha Cobalt, an unknown Greyhound mother and an unknown Grey wolf Father.