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Bones is the main character in Yasmin Down/Gashu-Monsata's comic, Lukunsky Grove. Bones appears to be a Eurasian wolf, although he is not actually a specific breed of wolf due to being part robot/part organic. It is unknown whether there are more of his kind as he was created as part of a secret governmental project to help prevent extinction. His name is an acronym for:

Bionically Optimised for the Nurturing of Endangered Species


It is said that Bones was the first successful specimen to be created from the bionic cloning project, however, it is unknown as to whether other places in the world were also working on the same project.

Bones was activated on May 16th, 2025 in an as-of-yet unnamed science facility in Lukunsky Grove. His organic material hides his robotic interior, which acts as a both a skeletal structure, and contains computerised hardware which controls his articulation and senses. The scientist who sabotaged the project altered his original programming by tampering with these controls, creating what is essentially a " rage switch". This switch is triggered when surrounded by a large group, which could possibly create difficult scenarios later on in the series.

Bones was cloned from a female Eurasian wolf named Arrow, which was said to be one of the last remaining Eurasian wolves. By altering the genetic structure and swapping around X and Y chromosomes, the scientists were able to create a male version of the Eurasian wolf. The intention was to begin repopulate the species (see Breeding and relationships).

The computerised mechanical interior was intended to be able to extend Bones' lifespan, to be able to control him, and to give him intelligence enough to communicate with humans.

After the sabotage, Bones escaped the facility in an attempt to escape the destiny that was laid out for him. He desperately wants to find somewhere where he can be accepted for what he is, where he won't be hunted down, and to be able to control his rage.


An image showing Bones' robotic interior.

Personality and EmotionsEdit

Bones is depicted as a cold, logical thinker. His speech is careful and thought out, and he never uses shortcut words such as "can't".

Early on in the series, Bones seems to be more like a

walking computer, and never seems to show any sign

of emotion.

Breeding and relationshipsEdit

Bones is indeed capable of breeding with a real wolf, as that was what he was initially built for. However, the sabotage of his programming has left breeding at the back of his mind and so it's not a predominant part of his nature, along with relationships.

After meeting Felan, she falls for him, and although he doesn't seem to return her affections, he doesn't tell her that he is a machine in fear of hurting her or turning her away. This could be interpreted as some sort of emotion, and shows that he may have affection for her, even if slight.

Programming ErrorsEdit

Apart from his "rage switch", Bones also has slightly misaligned vision. This mainly affects him when he is hunting as he can easily miscalculate his leaps, and miss a stationary prey by a good few feet. This is due to his FocusVison programming activating during his hunting mode, which enhances his vision (see FocusVision). Felan just assumes that Bones is a bad hunter and often mocks him for it.

The reason for the misalignment is due to him escaping before all of his small programming quirks were fixed.


FocusVision is the name of the program which triggers when Bones is in hunting mode. It enhances his vision and focuses directly on one object (much like a macro lens) to enable better tracking and targeting. Unfortunatley, due to Bones' misaligned vision, FocusVision does more bad than good, further enhancing the misalignment.


"I am a machine. I cannot love another because I am not capable of such a thing"

Bones lies to Hammy, later on in the series (not yet released)

"My identity was kept a secret for security reasons, even from the guards. They didn't anticipate my escape. Those fools"

Bones formulates a plan.