Image of Felan


Felan is a character in Yasmin Down/Gashu-Monsata's web comic, Lukunsky Grove. She is an Arctic Wolf and is a member of a wolf pack in Lukunsky Grove. She also has affection for Bones .


Felan is a member of a pack of wolves in Lukunsky grove (as of yet unknown which pack). Not much has been revealed about her character except that she is exiteable, intelligent, and sometimes quite childish. Her childishness often covers up her true intelligence, and gives the impression that she cannot cope on her own when in reality, she is tough, and more than capable of being out alone.

She is a skilful hunter, and often mocks Bones for not being able to catch a stationary sheep. She does not yet know that Bones is an android, and so just assumes that he is a bad hunter. She initially sees Bones as weird, and rather mysterious, and decides to tag along with him and the hamsters.


Through the series, Felan grows more and more affectionate towards Bones, although he does not appear to return her feelings. She never shows in front of the other three that this affects her in any way, however, it is apparent that it does due to her pained expressions whenever she is turned away by Bones.

Pluck develops a childish crush on Felan as the story progresses. However, Felan just sees this as cute, and acts more like a mother figure towards him.


Family is, as of yet, unknown. Her family are presumably members of the pack that she is in.