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Hammy is a Syrian hamster, and one of the characters in Yasmin Down/Gashu-Monsata'swebcomic, Lukunsky Grove. He has brown fur with a light creme coloured muzzle, belly and knees. He was one of the test rodents in the same lab where Bones was created.


Currently, not much is known about Hammy's background except that he was a test specimen in the same science facility that Bones was created in.Pluck was cloned from Hammy.


Hammy is overweight and very lazy, and can usually be found sitting on Bones' back, making some snide remark or joke. However, he does have a good heart and he cares very deeply for Pluck. Despite being genetic copies of each other, Hammy acts like Plucks' older brother.

He tends grumbles when made to do something which involves physical exertion.


Despite being lazy and grumbly, Hammy is very good at throwing together a tasty meal of berries and wild food such as fish. He shows considerable talent by making small fishing rods from a twig and a long blade of grass to fish through holes in the frozen Lukunsk River.