Cover of issue 1 of Lukunsky Grove.

Lukunsky Grove (comic)Edit

Lukunsky Grove is a web comic created by Yasmin Down, otherwise known on the web as Gashu-Monsata. Gashu-Monsata handles everything from the storyline to the art, although has recently hosted a character design competition on deviantART. The series is currently under development and is being released on the web, page by page. The comic is named after and based in the forest, Lukunsky Grove.


The comic is set in the year 2025 and follows a cyborg wolf named Bones, his two hamster friends, and a young, white female wolf named Felan. The story is set in the forest of Lukunsky Grove, Russia.

Through the human exploitation of the worlds' natural resources, many animals are nearing, or have already become, extinct. This situation is worsened by the threat of a new world war. A small research facility tucked away deep into the forest of Lukunsky Grove, Northern Russia, makes their first epic breakthrough in cloning technology when they recreate the worlds first fully functional robo-bio clone. A wolf, codenamed: BONES- Bionicly Optimised for the Nurturing of Endangered Species

However, one scientist, who believes that the new cloning technology should be used for the sake of war- turns this new hope for repopulation into a raging machine by sabotaging Bones' docile programming. When Bones is finally activated, he flies into an uncontroleable rage , triggered by being amongst by a very large group (of scientists), and he promptly kills his creators, escaping the facility with two lab hamsters, Hammy and Pluck , in tow.

The series charts Bones' journey to control his rage and to find somewhere where he will be truely accepted for what he is. This is made even more difficult by the fact that the government is now on his tail, trying to recapture him, since they invested billions of dollars for him to be created.






Alpha Cobalt

Alpha Kaydee


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