Pluck image

Image of Pluck.

Pluck is one of the characters in Yasmin Down/Gashu-Monsata's webcomic, Lukunsky Grove. He is a Syrian Hamster clone, created in the same facility as Bones and Hammy. He is a grey/blue colour with a light grey muzzle and belly and dark grey/blue hair tips and rigs on his shoulders and knees.


Currently not much is known about Pluck's background except that he was a test specimen in the same science facility that Bones was created in. Pluck was cloned from Hammy, but is a different colour due to the fact that the scientists wanted to test out changing certain chromosomes to change certain features of the clone. Hence, the different colours and markings. He is younger than Hammy, and so looks up to Hammy as an older brother and a role model.


Pluck can be childish and sees the world through innocent eyes. He is very active, essentially the opposite of Hammy, despite being cloned from him. Over the course of the comic, he grows fond of Felan and seems to develop a chilish "crush" on her.